The Maintenance Room Detroit is an arts, not for profit organization that provides artist studios, residencies, sculpture parks and creative, interactive environments for the community to engage in culture, education and entertainment. A Key feature of our organization is its expanse throughout the city of Detroit. The Maintenance Room is a complex of multiple buildings and vacant land that have been purchaced from the city to revitalize abandoned and blighted areas. A core goal of the Maintenance Room organization is to reactivate neglected spaces in Detroit to foster a stronger thriving community while creating a cultural destination within the city of Detroit.

 Keeping in line with the Urban Place Making Movement we are building outdoor sculpture gardens and courtyards in structures that do not have roofs. Promoting the enjoyment of the natural environment and the arts.

What We're Planning

  • Clean out and renovate our 15,000 sf building on Klinger St in the Noham  neighborhood.
  • Clean out and renovate our smaller satellite spaces on Chene St and Mt. Elliot.
  • Take steps to purchase city owned land near our building for our park.
  • Build community and corporate partners.
  • Clean out and renovate our house on Moran for artist residents to live .